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About KeruBo

KeruBo is a singer/song-writer and Afro-Jazz artist, born in Kendu Bay, Kenya who now lives in the Burlington, Vermont area.  KeruBo is engaged in social work as a case manager at a local NGO, which is focused on helping refugees.

She has more than 20 years’ experience performing all over the world in music festivals. Her style of music is a blend of African Traditional Music, with inflections of Brazilian Samba/Bossanova, Jazz, and Blues.  Her love for music began at a very young age. She is the middle child of seven children who sang A-cappella together with their parents.


Her debut album titled "Hali ya Utu" is Swahili for the state of humanity. KeruBo challenges the human condition and the need to reconnect to what "utu", or brotherhood really means.

The album is a culmination of years of writing and performing that speaks to KeruBo's mission for social justice. Every song tells a story, from lamenting the struggles of life, to encouraging words of self-acceptance.