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A Seat at the Table

My bid to join the Winooski City Council

A message of thanks

My dear Winooski residents even though I did not win the 2022 ballot for Winooski City Council, I am not discouraged. I am resolved to speak louder for the sake of members of our society who are marginalized and disproportionately impacted by inadequate social structures.  My deepest gratitude to all Winooski residents who made the effort to come out and vote and make their voices heard.

You have knocked on doors, made phone calls, and some of you have learned how to vote for the first time, Seeing so many of you using your voice and voting for the first time, showing your love for the Winooski community. and showing you care about building a community that's hopeful and inclusive leaves me honored and humbled.


There are so many people to thank, I am afraid I will leave someone out, but here goes: First to my God whom I owe everything to, from whom all blessings flow. To my husband Mike and daughter who encouraged me to run, my friend Corali who used her personal car to transport first-time voters to register and do the early vote. Those who volunteered to pass the fliers, those of you who gave me their vote of confidence, you ALL have my heartfelt thanks. 

Dalai Lama said…"look for the silver lining whenever we are faced with disappointment." Letting go of our expectations may lead to an even better outcome than what we thought we wanted.  I realize that this was a first for many.


I know that hardly enough efforts were done to drive noncitizens to register and ultimately vote. I kept asking myself; “How can anyone in their right mind expect them to access information that lives on a website and be expected to navigate information written in English.  How will they cast a vote when they cannot read and write?” It is almost as if these groups of people are made responsible to suffer for their own oppression. Indeed education is power. The fundamental principle of civic engagement requires equal participation. There is work to be done. I will not be deterred.

This eye-opening effort exposed underlying inequities. I am really excited for Aurora Hurd and Thomas Renner. I encourage them to be counselors that ensure that all Winooski residents are served. 

The fight continues.

My positions

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See my candidate profile on The Winooski News

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